3 Reasons not to use an Arch for Your Beach Wedding

In 2006 we launched OC’s first beach wedding service.  We made plenty of mistakes – #1 was using an arch.
Through trial & error we discovered the best photos & videos do not include arches wobbling in the wind.
beach wedding arch ring exchange
#1 The Ocean is Your Centerpiece

Most couple drive hours to the beach for the nature’s perfect photo backdrop.   Arches have no photographic value- they merely obstruct guests view of the couple and the ocean.  On a breezy day they are distracting and on a windy day they can blow over during the ceremony. We want you to have Cleanest Photos possible!

Beach Wedding ring exchange no archway
#2 Pushes You Back from the Sea

Arches push ceremonies 20 extra feet from the sea.  That means random beachgoers & curious children (see photo on left) may walk through the back of your photos and video.  Without an arch we can set up right on the water’s edge. Officiant Sean Rox will be so close that the water nips the back of his heels – insuring beach goers have to walk around the wedding instead of through it.

Vow exchange beach no archway
beach arch obstructs wedding kiss
#3 Waste of Money

Many companies “guilt” you into feeling you need an arch- you’ll  pay hundreds of dollars for a few pieces of wobbly used wood.  Dropping the Arch enables us to lower prices and insures you won’t have a cheap piece of wood protruding from your head during Ring & Vow  Exchanges and your First Kiss.  Skip the arch and put the money towards your Honeymoon!


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